Why Do Feminists Get So Uptight About Topics Regarding Rape?

An item on amazon has been under heat from Feminists for selling shirts with the text
“Keep Calm and Rape Them’
Feminist claim this shirt is ‘promoting rape’, and his vile and disgusting should be sued for it.
This same shirt sellers also sell a tee-shirt with the text ‘Keep Calm and Kill them’ printed on it?
(I personally searched this after reading the DM article) But there’s no outrage, and there’s no one claiming it ‘promotes murder’, it hasn’t been taking down like the one above, and it’s still on sale of amazon right now.
Why do feminists think women are more important than everyone else? They say it’s an insult to rape victims, but there isn’t any group outraging for the ‘Keep Calm and Kill Them’ shirt to be taking down because it’s an insult to murder

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10 Responses to “Why Do Feminists Get So Uptight About Topics Regarding Rape?”

  1. Chaize says:

    Because feminists only care about issues regarding women, they callously ignore anything else that doesn’t somehow affect women.
    This doesn’t disregard the fact that the shirt is still vile.
    God.. yacoffee, now you’re just being melodramatic.
    You’re being melodramatic on claiming people want to commit suicide in response to answers on here.
    If you take meaningless things you read on the internet that hard to heart and even cry over it, then I don’t know what to even.

  2. Midori says:

    Well, the slogan is pretty disgusting, to be fair…
    But no, I don’t think the seller deserves to be sued, and I don’t think it should be a huge deal. I think he/she should be allowed to sell the shirt, but they should perhaps have sent him a private letter explaining that they found it distasteful and recommending the product be discontinued.
    There are plenty of clothes with slogans on them relating to crime – especially heavy metal type t-shirts. Rape is no less heinous a crime than murder or other assault. Censorship is generally wrong.

  3. Common Sense says:

    Rape, or at least non prison rape affects women more than men.
    It’s a crime that often has no witnesses. This can make convictions difficult, but can also make it easier to wrongly convict the wrong person.
    Feminists often misrepresent rape for political reasons which I feel belittles the seriousness of this crime s well as the legitimate victims.
    Certainly, in the U.S., the system does not discriminate against women. The rape reform laws of the 1970s lightened the burden necessary to convict alleged rapists. It meant more convictions, but also many more innocent men being sent to prison. Men can now be convicted with absolutely no corroborating evidence, and even with the acknowledgement that the alleged victim made absolutely no attempt to resist the alleged rapist. (1)
    (Obviously, the shirt is in very poor taste. Of course people react negatively to it)

  4. Just Me says:

    Why do people keep wanting to trivialize rape. So you see human torture as a fun night? Why do feminists focus on rape tee shirts not death ones you ask. Well feminism is a female organization and rape affects more women than men.
    Why do people who hate feminists seem to be obsessed with what they do or don’t do?
    Especially when it doesn’t affect you in the least.

  5. ya coffee says:

    I have cried many times after what people have said here and yesterday I got a message from another woman in GS who was thinking of committing suicide over what has been said here – she is a rape victim like me. You likely have no idea – you think this is a game – it’s not – it’s people’s lives! We have been raped and we know first hand it is ugly and the system discriminates against us and some men have blamed us put us down and made us feel terrible.
    Some men are cruelly and deliberately blind and inflict so much hurt by the horrible things they say to women here who have been raped – and there are a lot of them!
    Why would want a shirt that is nasty for the sake of being nasty and would further traumatize people who are already so traumatized?
    @Chaize – It’s easy to be callous when the other is in pain – after you get gang raped – come back and then we can talk – do you kick homeless war veterans who are suffering for from post traumatic stress syndrome too – or are your targets only women?
    @Chaize My point is what you think is meaningless to you – is not to others – and you do not even have a conception of the harm you do – by being nasty – so I want you to know that it is not meaningless and rather it is just plain cruel for your own amusement and that is sick

  6. hopscotc says:

    It’s one of the things feminists use to make ALL men seem evil and not just the rare CRIMINALS that wish to rape women.
    It’s a tactic.
    But some feminists are so deep into their “man-hatred” that they see no difference between their male next door neighbor and the insane savage criminal who chooses to rape.

  7. katie says:

    Maybe it’s because rape is overlooked and seen by some as a minor crime but everyone knows that murder is wrong and this shirt just makes a joke out of a crime which is already overlooked and forgotten

  8. Woody Black says:

    they call western culture a rape culture. they are VERY touchy about this.
    its a stupid shirt. if it upsets them so much, fine. their reasoning is .. unimportant. if some group objects to the kill them shirt, ban that too I guess.

  9. Hannah says:

    Well why does there even need to be a top that says something like that? Who would even think of it?
    And more to the point, who tf would walk around wearing it???

  10. unknown says:

    dont take this personly but every question u ask is about rape. do u have some kind of fetish? y u talk bout this subject so much.

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