Why Do I Keep Getting Ill?

i’m 18 years old, and in the last two months i’ve gotten ill in several different ways and it is really starting effect my lifestyle, college, social life and job, as well as this it is generally getting me down.
first off i had a really jitty stomach about a few months back that lasted for about a week with symptoms strong to begin with but manageable in the end, then a couple weeks later, i suffered from extreme cystitis for about 2 and half weeks, and as a result missed a day of work which was awful as my managers get really bothered about sick days with employees, and then recently in i have become very ill, i went to work yesterday and had a five hour a shift, i was feeling dodgy again in my stomach, and just run down, i went to work despite this and was awful, i felt sick as in nauseated, and my stomach every 10 minutes for around 5 seconds would throw extreme and very uncomfortable pains, and as i work in topshop as a sales assistant during this christmas time, it was hard for me to find a moments peace to group myself together, my managers could see i was in pain/feeling sick and said i could get myself glasses of water, and by the the near end of my shift they offered to me that i could leave half an hour earlier, but i end up leaving about 40 minutes early because it got to much, any who, i was sick pretty much straight away after i got home and felt fine after that, i went to bed and woke up feeling fine however about half an hour after that i felt awful again and work offered me the day off to get better, all day i have been sneezing and have had really bad stomach pains and a jitty and disgusting tummy, its been hell, and whilst i know that there is no relation to these symptoms i was wondering why i keep getting ill as i’m seriously worried about health as it seems like every week these last few months i have been ill for some reason or another,

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  1. Lukas says:

    obiously theres something with your stomach, you should see a doctor because you might have stomach flu, which can be very painful and annoying. To prevent stomach aches you should have a healthy diet dont eat fast food cause thats what gets your stomach upset and also dont eat late at night, because then you cant sleep and your stomach wont digest it properly.

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