Why Do I Need To Tell Hmrc When I Marry?

I didn’t realise i had to tell them i was married until i looked on the back on my national insurance card lol, i’ve been married for nearly 5 years now, does anyone know why they have to know? I mean, i don’t pay any more or any less national insurance do i, so why do they need to know?
I’m a male not female so i don’t get a discount on NI. I’ve just completed the online form to notifiy them anyway. Will i get in trouble?

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2 Responses to “Why Do I Need To Tell Hmrc When I Marry?”

  1. The Ghost of Christmas Past says:

    Unlikely you’ll get in trouble. You didn’t keep quiet about it in order to evade tax. In fact, when it comes to capital gains tax and inheritance tax, or if you are over 65, there are tax benefits to being married

  2. Kernow Lady says:

    I have no idea. Never knew you had to. There are NO married benefits when you get to 65, I am over that age and we are classed as single people for tax etc.

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