Why Do Illegals Think The Usa Owes Them “a Better Life”?

Where do they get the mentality that they do? It defies all logic–they believe they deserve jobs, voting rights, everything printed in their language, schooling/education/medical care for the children they have here, even Social Security retirement when they didn’t pay anything into the system! And I don’t want to hear “they pay taxes when they buy things” because wouldn’t we all love to only pay sales taxes and nothing else.
My point is that no large group swamps Germany, Italy, France, Sweden, Japan, Korea or Australia with the expectation illegal immigrants have when they come here. How come THOSE countries get to enforce their borders and immigration laws without being called xenophobic and racist?

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6 Responses to “Why Do Illegals Think The Usa Owes Them “a Better Life”?”

  1. Looney says:

    It worked for the blacks.

  2. usfirstg says:

    Tough $hit, Danielle. Don’t lose your sleep over it, your time on this Earth is only temporary.

  3. Imaginary Friends says:

    Are you seriously trying to say that the US is the only country dealing with illegal immigration. You really need to pay more attention to world news.

  4. mimi says:

    It not that they think it their right, its because we have catered to them.And yes it is the Hispanics that Im talking about.When was the last time you went to the store and saw sugar writing in Chinese?And we shouldn’t be giving them anything in the form of welfare even for anchor babies.And now they want to give millions a “pathway to becoming an Americans”, why not secure our borders and deport those here.If we would fine employers that use them and stop giving all handouts to them, I know they will self deport.

  5. jesswzmn says:

    they demand amnesty..one was on TV just on tuesday saying comprehensive immigration laws cannot require securing the US border.

  6. The Great Hispanic says:

    Cause you stole the south west from Mexico. They way you guys screwed over Mexico was wrong and now destiny has granted us justice.
    In the 1830’s thousands of white Americans were invited to live in Mexico and they refused to assimilate into Mexican society.They disrespected Mexican law by rebelling against the government which resulted in Mexico losing half it’s land.
    Now it’s pay back.
    I’m glad immigration reform is passing, now you will experience how it feels to lose your country.We’re not just taking the Southwest but the entire U.S.

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