Why Do Immigrants Get Food Vouchers For Supermarkets?

After a trip to Morrison’s I noticed a pakistani family paying for their shopping with vouchers. They were raising their voices at the cashier who was trying to tell them that the vouchers they were using, were only valid for food and not the two mobile phones which they were trying to purchase. The cashier was also trying to explain how they had exceeded their limit and needed another £12 cash from them. The manager eventually came over because the male was being aggressive towards the cashier shouting ‘CALL THEM NOW’ the manager took the vouchers to customer services and asked the employee to call the number on the vouchers to ask for advise. I could not believe my ears when the manager returned to tell the family that they could have the mobile phones and the outstanding balance was going to be cleared. The aggressive rude family then stormed out to the car park muttering a few words in their own language.
What are these ‘vouchers’ and who is entitled to them?
Why were the rules bent for this rude family and who paid the extra money?

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8 Responses to “Why Do Immigrants Get Food Vouchers For Supermarkets?”

  1. Tom Joad says:

    cool story bro

  2. Nathan says:

    Because the way this country is run is completely and utterly wrong, if they come to this country they should try paying for their food and everything else the same way every british person does, through working hard for their money. It is causing our country to fall into depression maybe the BNP would have had some decent ideas on how to stop this kind of thing from happening

  3. me again! says:

    How d’you know that they were Pakistanies? (Could”ve been Indians or Bangladeshies)

  4. Roger the cabin boy says:

    How do you know they were Pakistani? Did they tell you, or did they brandish their passports?
    How do you know they were immigrants?
    How do you know what they were and weren’t entitled to?
    Or did you just make assumptions?

  5. David PD™ says:

    lol. This story is either false or you’ve got it completely wrong.
    We don’t give food vouchers as welfare benefits in the UK. That’s a USA thing. They’re all, or mostly, in cash. Sometimes the Job Centre may give people food vouchers in emergency cases, but this is reserved for only the poorest and most desperate, and they aren’t used at corporate supermarkets like Morrisons or Tesco – they’re used at food banks ran by charities.
    If the Pakistani family was indeed using vouchers to shop in Morrisons then they were probably given by the supermarket themselves for whatever reason, like using a club card/loyalty card or whatever deals these supermarkets do, which is a purely corporate decision, absolutely nothing to do with the government or the taxpayer. Sort of like how I have vouchers to buy things at a discounted price or for free from Argos or Amazon.co.uk
    As for the Pakistani family being rude or aggressive – trust me – this is not an immigrant or race issue. Some people are just knobheads. If you’ve ever worked in retail like I have in the past you’d know that anyone or any race, creed or whatever can be rude or aggressive: It’s an individual and a human thing. In my experience it’s been mainly white locals (I am white, by the way) who are aggressive and demand to see the manager because of the fact I can’t magically fix the ATM machine outside which has swallowed their debit card or isn’t working as it had nothing to do with me.
    But anyways, I’m sure there’s more to this story than you’re letting on.

  6. ManofOly says:

    Because we are too tolerant and open mined to these people coming here same goes to every minority the world is laughing at us because we are like a holiday resort to these people they take but give nothing back the poles and Romanians are an example and for some reason Blair is protecting and instigating mainly poles to come to UK he even got a key to their city

  7. Patricia says:

    Illegal aliens take advantage of a loophole in federal law, by giving birth to children (called anchor babies) here in the USA.
    They are applying for public assistance using that child, to feed, provide medical care, house, and obtain welfare (TANF) for the entire family.
    They are living off that child, like parasites.
    Even though the illegal alien parent is the one who signs the documents for the subsidies at the social services office (the anchor baby does not sign), and the EBT card for assistance is issued in the name of the illegal alien, which should be illegal, since all forms of “welfare” are, by law, supposed to be denied to illegal aliens.
    It was not the intention of the authors of the 14th Amendment to include the children of illegal aliens as “citizens”. That is an interpretation by one court, made long after the Amendment was written.

  8. Ade says:

    Just got a new job, I have to go to a BMW dealer in North London to collect part-ex cars which the dealer services and M.O.T’s I fill it with fuel and deliver to immigrant families, when I get there I have to sort out the insurance, issue a driving licence if one is not held, explain the controls of the car and give them £3,000 in Tesco fuel vouchers. Usually they give me a couple of hundred pounds worth of food vouchers as a thank you, I am paid by the Home Office.
    Any way I was in the local supermarket trying to exchange these vouchers for drink and I ran in to trouble as well apparently they are for food only. When I complained the manager relented and let me take the drink and gave me a bottle of Port as an apology. I was not rude

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