Why Do Liberals Oppose The Decentralization Of Education?

Why do they oppose progress?

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15 Responses to “Why Do Liberals Oppose The Decentralization Of Education?”

  1. Pull My Finger says:

    I don’t necessarily. I do oppose the Republican/ right-libertarian plan to do so through a voucher system that neither eliminates state subsidy to schools, nor provides meaningful choice. Please note that I didn’t suggest that it offered no choice, and therefore, for some families, it may give them a meaningful choice, but I do not think that will be the net effect, and I do not think it will provide poor, inner-city kids with that many better options.
    I see the charter school/ voucher system plan as one that confers benefits on a chosen clientele of education providers; although there will be some marginal shuffling of those providers and some limited choice for parents, it will be about as free and open (and decentralized) as our current auto insurance market.

  2. nokilleye version 2.0 says:

    Why do you equate decentralization with progress? I don’t equate centralization with progress, I just don’t think the two automatically correspond. I principally always favor more centralization because the more centralized, the broader the base of representation or in other words, the more inclusive. Correct me if I am wrong, I won’t argue with you over it and I don’t mean to imply I think I know all your motivations but based just on general study and anecdotal experience, I am always suspicious of all that advocate localization. The more localized, the greater the potential for abusive local petty tyrants, and my suspicion is “localization” is always euphemism for the uncontested reign of abusive local petty tyrants. Prove me wrong (all you have to do is say I’m wrong and that does not apply to you, I’ll accept that as proof), however at the same time, I will also accept that as proof you are not really a libertarian because if you are really a true libertarian, you’re not supposed to oppose the uncontested reign of abusive local petty tyrants, are you? You’re not supposed to have a horse in that race, you’re supposed to favor whatever result the market naturally produces.
    So… I answered your question, didn’t I? Do you now answer my question by affirming you favor the uncontested reign of abusive local petty tyrants or do you continue to attempt to persude me to discard my values by pretending to share my values?

  3. V says:

    you are a libertarian, which is liberal capitalism
    socialism and liberalism are two different things
    fcking uneducated hick
    also explain to me why liberal social democratic countries with centralization education are more educated for example Western Europe and Canada while the southern US which is republican cant even speak English right
    in the south they want to teach creationism and force Christianity beliefs onto the educational system and you cant allow that to happen
    its more progress if everyone is getting the same quality education instead of the fascists teaching their kids about creationism

  4. out2lunc says:

    Decentralization would mean loss of control over what goes into the minds of the children and make it more difficult to indoctrinate them into “the Party”.
    iris054, where does the federal government get the authority to maker ANY “loans”, for education or any other purpose?
    Gasy, where does the federal government get the authority to set the standards? What if they are set so low any ignoramus can meet them? Happy then?

  5. Gasy says:

    Suppose You get surgery from a decentralized medical school that had standards that only they could set or inspect?
    It is in the best interest of the USA to get the people educated to a high level. This is not doable with out tax payers money. To say the tax payers should not have standards is another ridiculous claim.

  6. My Baby! says:

    Why would they want to do that…..they want to dumb down America….the dumber the more they want from government which is a Vote for them….they can stay in office and live their cherry lives forever.
    We should have Charter schools and vouchers. I do not believe a child who wants to learn should have to stay in a failing school. Period…..

  7. Lloyd says:

    I don’t – I think the Dept of Education should be eliminated and the responsibility returned to the states.

  8. Peace be upon you says:

    I believe in diversity when it comes to education and what better way than applying different approaches across the states.

  9. Max Hoopla says:

    I don’t know but based on your obvious answer it must be because we oppose progress but I thought that was your side’s objective.

  10. LIBERAL America (2043) says:

    Because Businesses are never decentralized.
    You must prepare for the Business of Education.

  11. Big Mo says:

    They want kids to receive an academic education which they may not receive otherwise.

  12. Brown951 says:

    You are allowed to home school your spawn into any type of uninformed and biased twits you want to.

  13. Jim says:

    Education was decentralized until No Child Left Behind.

  14. suthrnly says:

    So that we can dumb down everyone, not just a majority. It’s only fair, ya know.

  15. DL8409 says:

    It would put some lobbyists out of work

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