Why Do Malls Ban Teens?

So, yeah.
From my username, you’ll know I’m 13.
So last week I was at the mall with my parents on Sunday. So I asked them if I could go to the bookstore myself and pick a few books, because I liked reading a lot, and there was a sale.
So I went to the bookstore while my parents were in the department store, and picked out a few books. I glanced behind and found out that security was watching me. I didn’t know about their ageist policy, so I continued.
All I did was pick out a Stephen King, No Easy Day, and a Political Philosophy ( I’m interested in politics too ) book, so I wasn’t about any inappropriate content issues.
So I just lined up.
Then mall security came in and said, ‘Do you have your parents with you?’. So I said ‘No.’, and then they told me about their policy and kicked me out.
No one complained about me. In fact, I was an avid reader so I picked out books there often, and some of the cashiers recognized me. In the past 8 years I’ve never caused any trouble. I was a frequent customer at the book store. So when I turned old enough to pick out books myself, I get kicked out?
Just like that.
For no legitimate reason.
I had to call my parents, and with them, security let me in.
I honestly don’t understand why a kid buying a BOOK could be treated like a terrorist.
I had no intention of causing any chaos or brawls. I mean, I was LINING UP.
And haven’t they heard of innocent until proven guilty? I haven’t started anything, and they just kicked me out?
I totally don’t understand. Why is society so adultist? I mean, well, it’s a hypocrisy. One minute they’re saying that we should read more. The next they kick me out for buying a book.
So should I give up reading?
And I still don’t understand why society is so adultist. If a bunch of blacks started a brawl, then the mall enacted a policy banning all blacks, I bet there would be a bigger outcry.

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7 Responses to “Why Do Malls Ban Teens?”

  1. lordreit says:

    For the same reason picnics ban ants.

  2. Theresa says:

    They didn’t kick you out because you were buying books, they kicked you out because they require parental supervision with teenagers. It’s nothing personal, Im sure. A lot of teenagers like to destroy things for no reason and cause havoc. That is probably why they had to come up with such a rule. Even if you were acting like an adult, you’re still a child/teen and you needed parental supervision as per their policy.

  3. Foofa says:

    Malls are so used to big groups of teens causing trouble that a lot of them simply ban all unaccompanied minors. You may be the exception to the rule but unfortunately you’re being tarnished with the same broad brush as other, less well intentioned teens. Because minors in our society are supposed to be properly supervised by their parents the stores that hold these policies are able to point to the law to bolster their policies. If you want to blame someone blame the parents of those other kids who are allowed to roam the malls of America all day shoplifting, making messes and worse. If I were you I’d get myself a tablet reader and start buying e-books. They’re cheaper, easier to use and you don’t have to go to a book store to get them. Good luck.

  4. nudangle says:

    Society is not “adultist! it is purely that minority of the youth of today has spoiled it for the rest of you. Sad to say but it is a fact! I feel sorry for you and the genuine nice youth of today, but your reputation has been sullied by the ignorant foul mouthed disrespectful drug taking a$$holes of the few and for that sad to say you will all suffer!

  5. Roy says:

    Because not all teens/kids are as obedient or well mannered as you are so when they see a kid alone in the mall its best for them to assume they are some kind of delinquent/shoplifter who will cause problems, having that age rule kind of makes their job easier so they can kick kid out for no reason…
    EDIT: This is also caused because of the small group bad teens who set a bad example and make everyone else look bad

  6. Lili says:

    Asking disingenuously whether you should give up reading is childish. Perhaps you DO need to be escorted by adults.
    Many malls have a blanket policy on teens unaccompanied by adults because teens can cause problems. They often do. The malls don’t have the time and personnel to make decisions on a case-by-case basis — “Oh, that girl is just buying books, I’m sure she’s O.K.” — they have to develop a policy that can be enforced efficiently and with the least amount of difficulty.
    If you are bright and well-informed (and if you’re a reader, you should be well-informed), then you will know that teenagers are often impulsive and thoughtless, meaning that they can make real trouble in public. Not every teen is like that, but enough are that it can make sense for malls and other environments to insist that they be accompanied by adults.

  7. Fireball says:

    they are worried about gangs..

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