Why do people ask for a discount when they buy in a charity shop?

They say its cos they are a regular customer but I shop in Sainsburys and they won’t give me a discount!!

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18 Responses to “Why do people ask for a discount when they buy in a charity shop?”

  1. Spook says:

    i go to charity shops all the time,ive never heard of anyone asking for discount,if i was working in one and someone asked me for a discount i would embaress them by shouting isnt it cheap enough for you would you like jam on that.

  2. minty says:

    because there the lowest of the low!!

  3. M J H says:

    Some folks just want everything for free!

  4. SundaeG1rl says:

    I agree! I used to work in a high-end Oxfam and it happened all the time. Stupid stupid stupid!

    BTW, I usually get discout at charity shops WITHOUT ASKING because I genuinely am a loyal customer.

  5. billythenewf says:

    it’s because charity shops are starting to take the piss with their prices

  6. curious man.. says:

    Because they want to be sure they go to the lowest plain of Hell when they die…

  7. Ehsin says:

    They probably cant afford it or the price of what their buying is probably too much for what they are acctually buying?

  8. Rich S says:

    Because they are tight

  9. Vickezo says:

    coz they are scabs.

  10. BosreeChoder says:

    because theyre jewish.. jews always get a discount

  11. snooky me! says:

    Have you been in a charity shop recently !!! More expensive than bloody HARRODS !!!

  12. danni.k says:

    because there mean cheapskates

  13. Take me with you says:

    I help i the british heart foundation and some of the prices are high but times change I think some people ask for discount as they think they are doing you a favour by shoping there? who knows but it is cheeky

  14. david m says:

    Hey some charity shops charge sensible prices – others are just a rip off. Trying to sell china at cheap antique prices when they know it is so badly chipped it is worthless.

    Like people – some charity shops are good, others are bad, and some are downright dishonest!!!

  15. Jon H says:

    Shops such as Oxfam are now extremely GREEDY. you only get to see a genuine ‘charity’ price in local charity shops (supporting local hospitals etc). Yes, Oxfam is a massive business and what they have forgotten over the years is that not only is there people in need in the africas etc, for which they do good work, but also maybe sometimes people visiting charity shops are in because they are truly suffering hardship in the country that they are in. If Oxfam had the balls to become globally charitable then they would have a pricing structure which helps the buyer in need as well as the recipient in africa etc.
    Oxfam is greedy and I avoid there shops now in preferance to the local ones that I support to my fullest.
    I would even charge business rates to oxfam as the prices are now so commercial – only giving a rate rebate to the charity shops that can prove that they help the community that they are in as well as th ercharity itself.

  16. J D says:

    Some thrift stores are over priced. I’ve seen used pint glasss marked $1.80 each. They only cost $1 new.

    That’s one reason.

    Otherwise people are just broke or cheap

  17. lollipoppett2005 says:

    I worked in a charity shop too for a Cancer charity. Used to make me so angry when folks tried it on…….. worse still when they shop lift from them!

  18. salyan says:

    well not everybody its going to give discount but in a charity shop should be obviously!!!!! at this time nobody care that the money is going to somebody who need actually that ……………..HEY PEOPLE WAKE UP CHARITY SHOP NO DISCOUNT !!!! i think you need to put a board like this!!!

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