Why Do Republicans Act As Though Charter Schools And Voucher Programs Are Going To Help Us Education?

They are too lazy to actually put the effort into understanding how charter schools work.
-Charter schools DO NOT have to meet the no child left behind criteria.
-Charter schools DO NOT have to have teachers with any type of teaching education- Anyone who is willing to work for minimum wage can be a charter school teacher.
– Charter schools DO NOT have to accept all students. Wanna look like you’re doing a good job teaching?- only accept students with 4.0+ GPA into your school.
There is no possible way public schools, who have to spend millions trying to teach calculus to a kid who can only drool, can score as high on tests from schools who hand pick only the best students.

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15 Responses to “Why Do Republicans Act As Though Charter Schools And Voucher Programs Are Going To Help Us Education?”

  1. dumernab says:

    What is your evidence that they will harm it? As I public school teacher, I know as well as anyone how much waste and lethargy there is in Public school education. How could competition among schools and districts and school choice for families possibly be a bad thing? Sure some charter and voucher schools are better than others, but the competition and choice will sort out those below average schools just like the public schools that don’t measure up.

  2. mkendric says:

    Because multiple studies have shown that they already do. Furthermore, all the economic theory would suggest that as you expand their use, the number of people helped will be greater.
    The number one reason that many people in this country are becoming incapable of competing in the modern high skill economy is because the nation insists on delivering this critical economic good in the least efficient way it can think of. We do this solely for the benefit of the teacher union.
    It is flat out CRUELTY to trap these kids in dropout factories that GUARANTEE THEM a life of poverty. A rich person can move out of a bad school system or send their kids to private schools. These kids in the ghetto have no economic mobility. They are TRAPPED in a system that they and their parents know is broken. They cannot afford to move. They cannot afford private schooling on their own. Going to the school they are assigned to is a life sentence to poverty and ignorance.
    And then people wonder why so many inner city kids turn to crime and drug dealing. Unless you’re and athlete or a rap star, how else are you going to escape this life sentence? That is their mindset. And I can’t disagree with them with a straight face.
    The teachers unions are some of the most evil pricks in the country for doing this to those kids. The cruel irony is, teachers would probably be better paid if the public school monopoly was broken. Rich and middle income parents would bid up the price of the best schools, which would attract better teachers, and since any voucher program would have to be indexed to median tuition, the poor families would also join in.
    But the money would go to talented teachers, not to people who jsut sit in class and let the kids run amok. I know you don’t think that’s what happens, but it actually is in the inner city. Teachers were caught on camera in one district doing NOTHING all day…the kids were playing craps in the back of class. One kid caught in on video, and the scandal forced the school to fire the teachers videoed…for a few weeks. Then the teacher union forced the school to rehire them and give them back pay…yeah, the teacher union insisted that people NOT DOING THEIR JOB be rehired and paid for the time missed.
    When you support public schools, THAT is what you are supporting. A system that benefits the unions and people who don’t do their job at the expense of kids, REAL teachers, and the economy (which misses out on qualified workers).

  3. Corrine says:

    Because stats say they do. Want some more stats? USA spends $800B/yr on education. The next highest country in the world is Japan. They spend $160B/yr. USA is ranked 17, Japan is number 5.
    Guess who wants to give more money to the dep’t of education?

  4. backahea says:

    Apparently you have not actually been reading many of the posts on here this site.
    Since they apparently no longer teach English, History or Social Studies in public schools, charter schools and a voucher system couldn’t hurt.

  5. Iron_Pla says:

    All we have to do is look at the products of our public education system. I have seen grads that had to take remedial courses to make out a job application.

  6. smsmith5 says:

    Why do Democrats act as though government union teachers and administrators – underworked, overpaid labor hacks that can’t be fired regardless their incompetence – are going to help US education?

  7. Z Man says:

    Because if public schools have to compete for the education dollar they will either get better or they will fail/close. LOL!

  8. Floater says:

    I have no idea why they support this crap. it will just bring a bunch of blacks into the schools that they moved into the suburbs to escape from city schools

  9. the Liberal Conservative says:

    Vouchers allow parents to send their children to schools that actually educate.

  10. GEORGE B says:

    gee, i don’t know, maybe because it’s a new idea in a time when reading and writing levels are dropping among high school seniors?

  11. willie says:

    We don’t “act as though”. Statistics show that these schools provide better educations.

  12. You Need Me! says:

    Even Sweden….SWEDEN…has vouchers.
    Seriously. Get with the program.

  13. pdooma says:

    choice actually is good when it come to education; but you libs seem to be stuck on having the choice to kill babies

  14. Paladin says:

    You must be a union teacher. Otherwise, you’d know better.

  15. Sacra Veritas says:

    Why don’t you ask the poor minorities who are in favor of them?

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