Why do so many charity shops now stock sweets and new goods?

People like to go in and hunt for bargains if they want sweets they would go to a Supermarket surely? The new stuff takes up a lot of room in the smaller shops thus squeezing out the donated goods!

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8 Responses to “Why do so many charity shops now stock sweets and new goods?”

  1. Sugar Plum Fairy says:

    I haven’t seen that, its a bit yucky in my opinion. Ive got a bout 5 designer handbags from a charity shop,I’ll buy my sweets from a sweet shop thank you very much.

  2. old know all says:

    They exist to make money for the charity. They’ll do this by any means they can. Until recently, Woolworth’s shifted more sweets than any other retailer so there’s a market to exploit. With Christmas approaching, people are looking for gift ideas, so there’s another market. Wait until January and they’ll have loads of donated stuff to sell.

  3. bennachie1 says:

    Many charity shops have experienced a drop in donations by the public, by selling new items they also hope to maximise thier revenue and thuis income for thier charity.

    The new items may have been donated free or at hugely discounted prices by distributors or manufactures as they clear stock – as warehousing and storage is expensive.

    There are some not for profit companies/ social enterprises that exist to source stock from manufactures and distributors to pass on to charities.

  4. Narf! says:

    Oxfam for example like to push fair trade products, so it’s a no brainer that they sell chocolate and coffee. They’ve got to raise money somehow!

  5. Manda Re-activated xxx says:

    They are all donated from companies …
    On the upside , I recently spotted a brand new jacket in a charity shop for £6 .. still with label on, so I bought it & then I took it back to Debenhams .. and got a credit note for £40 …! everyone`s a winner …

  6. bryanmccarey says:

    In tough times charity shops can put a little bling in the window to entice customers and if you come in for gum you go out with clothes.

  7. Lulu says:

    the shops here are not worth going to they are just as expensive as newer items..

  8. Michael T says:

    It must be profitable. Hopefully they use the proceeds to help subsidize the more necessary goods.

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