Why do software/hardware sales in Japan matter to the rest of the world?

I would like to understand why it’s important to know what software (games) and hardware (consoles) they buy, does that make a difference in knowing what’s better and what’s worst?

They do got a point in their market, PSP go has ALWAYS the lowest sales ever and never makes a 1000 sold units, only about 700 or less.

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One Response to “Why do software/hardware sales in Japan matter to the rest of the world?”

  1. Claire Formoy says:

    Well, for Nintendo sales in Japan are generally ones they want to flag up for marketing purposes, as not only is that where they release consoles and games first (as they are a Japanese company so most of the hardware is programmed into Japanese, as are the first party games) but they also have pretty much cornered the market there and have some nice big figures to wave at investors.

    For Microsoft and Sony, they’re interested in it because if a product sells well there despite Nintendo’s dominance, it helps them grow there, as they always want to expand their market share. They don’t generally release there first though, so it’s not that important for predicting trends.

    On a general note, a lot of software and hardware designers are Japanese as they have a disproportionately large tech industry.

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