Why Do Some Christians Think That People Choose To Be Atheist To Avoid Being Responsible For Their Acts?

Is this just a matter of psychological projection in that the person who accuses atheists of trying to avoid responsibility thinks that of others because it defines their own sick and nasty personality?

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6 Responses to “Why Do Some Christians Think That People Choose To Be Atheist To Avoid Being Responsible For Their Acts?”

  1. God's Father says:

    @4HIM- Christians love: “People are Atheists because they refuse to seek the facts. Faith comes through hearing the Word of God, the Bible.”
    That’s a lie, because firstly, YOU KNOW FULL WELL, that many atheists are former theists, who did ‘seek’ god, and secondly, you also know full well that atheists have heard ‘the word of god’, whether he is or isn’t real, and yet they still don’t believe he exists.
    “The Bible, because of the length of time it was written and what it is about, verifies with past history and fulfilled prophecies it’s truth.”
    If that’s all it takes to delude you, then I have some magic beans you might want to buy, for only $999.
    “This took place over 1600 years and the evidence is in the events and the purpose of the scriptures.”
    The purpose of the scriptures? How is that evidence?
    “The purpose of the entire Bible is to tell us about our condition of being separated from God because of our sins, God’s plan to bring a Savior to die in our place for our sins,”
    But we only want to sin in the first place because God made us want to. We didn’t design ourselves did we?
    “The Bible is God’s written Word to us.
    It was written by human authors, under the supernatural guidance of the Holy Spirit.”
    Of course it was. Now it’s time for your medicine.
    ““Isaiah to Malachi- Prophecy or foretelling of the future events to come. Some at this time, have already happened.”
    No none of happened. Oh apart from the prophecy that there will be unbelievers that will think the bible is a crock of sh*t – now THAT came true. Who’d have thought it?
    To answer the actualy question – I think Christians are confused by the idea that their god tortures unbelievers for eternity. They can’t bear to think that their lovely dear leader is the kind of being that bullies people who aren’t clever enough, and are slow.
    So they have to convince themselves that there is something ‘evil’ in not believing. Or else it means their dear leader tortures people who are not at fault.
    So they come up with the illogical ideas that unbelievers somehow ‘choose’ to not believe on purpose, just like all those people that choose to believe the sun and moon dont exists I assume…
    Some of them try and make out that the unbeliever actually KNOWS that god is real, but is somehow ‘denying’ and ‘rejecting’ his offer – but that doesn’t work, because if the unbeliever actually believes, then he or she isn’t an unbeliever, and is thus automatically saved anyway. And they must be stupid if they think someone would actually ‘choose’ to be tortured forever.
    Some claim that we all deserve to be tortured forever, and whilst unbelief might not be the worst thing in the world, the trouble is, God set up some stupid scheme whereby if Jesus god stapled to the cross, and we believed in it, then we’d get free vouchers for heaven – but the trouble is, god forgot to wash up the ‘sin’ of ‘unbelief’ with Jesus’s blood.
    So they will make out there’s nothing their omnipotent god can do about it, to save the unbeliever from burning in hell. He’s totally impotent. He’s looking at a video feed of hell, whilst sat on his throne in heaven with a slightly guilty look on his face.

  2. aladdinw says:

    Being an atheist means the person accepts total responsibility for his actions. It’s the Christians who believe in Satan as an excuse for evil actions.

  3. Delusion Crusher 10000 says:

    Because they know they have to repent and answer for their actions to someone in authority.
    All of your posts indicate psychosis. You should seriously seek professional help. I am not kidding.

  4. fwaje says:

    Maybe because they can’t imagine people doing the right thing simply because it is the right thing to do and not for some reward in the future ie heaven.

  5. lainiebs says:

    Our real reasons are pretty threatening to them. They have to make up a reason that makes them feel superior.

  6. Joshua the Tree says:

    Christians are dumb poopie heads.

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