Why do some drinkers make a big deal out of people who don't drink alcohol?

Not everyone of a legal age is a drinker and that’s fine.

But why is it sometimes socially taboo to not drink alcoholic beverages?
There are people who are coffee drinkers and other people don’t drink any coffee. Coffee is a widely consumed beverage.
But coffee drinkers don’t make a big deal out of people who don’t drink coffee.
Why can’t this apply to be the same way as acceptable to not drink alcohol?

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6 Responses to “Why do some drinkers make a big deal out of people who don't drink alcohol?”

  1. Geo Carman says:

    The social taboo arises from people who do drink, and are trying to legitimize their drinking habits. In my experience it is rare for a light or moderate drinker to make a big deal about non-drinkers.
    I’ve seen both sides because I became alcoholic by 30. At 40 I stopped drinking and have been dry for 13 years.
    I can tell you quite categorically that being dry is better, and that social pressure doesn’t mean that something is right.
    You could view it that remaining in control of your emotions, actions and conversation is something that is greatly preferable to drinking to excess.

  2. Nancy Kay says:

    Guilt? IDK, it bothers me, too, as a non-drinker.

  3. Dimitri says:

    because only a freak would decline the consumption of the sweet, sweet liquid -that is, alcohol.

  4. Liam Morrison says:

    I don’t drink and my mates have always tried to pressure me into it.

    Don’t see the point in it.

    Plus you gain a lot of weight off of it.

    Just drink coke and say it has Vodka in it to shut them up if they annoy you

  5. Braveheart-A fallen hero says:

    Think that they may be challenged! Deep down the drinker knows that he is doing himself no favours in such consumption but he has to show that it is the non-drinker that is the fool.
    It’s called the transference of guilt and is a crude shield in which to hide behind or to divert the lunacy of voluntary self-harm.
    This answer is from a former drunk and recovered alcoholic. Thank you God for AA!

  6. Pancho says:

    Because at certain parties, people go there especially to get drunk or to get high. If you go to that party and don’t drink, you’re kind of ruining the scene walking around sober while everyone else is getting plastered. I understand how they feel — a sober person at a drunken party can ruin the party …

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