Why Do Some Men Hate Women?

I know some basic info about misogyny. I have a job in sales where I work in the same business now with a man who has a history in another business location where there are two other friends who unknown to this man have discussed with me before he arrived here (they & I didn’t know he was coming here), that he has a serious problem with abusive talk to other female co-workers in the field and when no one else is around other than his buddies ( or so he thought). They’ve overheard him doing these things a few times and told me over the last couple of years. Now he’s here and has begun right off the bat with two of my co-workers, (I hadn’t mentioned it to them yet) according to them. One of the girls has said she’s calling management about him already. I’m more in the field doing sales but he tries to approach me over the last few days but I’ve been able to avoid him.
One of my friends (from the other biz locale) has more info because he has tried to frighten her, he told her that he has said with his buddies, everyone in the room that he told his mother that “it’s time for you to GO” at his own wedding a few months ago and that he can’t stand these “bitc##es”. I am wondering what this proud hatred of his mother and misogyny says about this type of personality I must deal with…and how to proceed? He’s appx 6″ tall and he & I are both rated as top sales ppl.
Thank you for some idea here to do, is there a good book I can read?
Any links are appreciated sincerely.

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  1. Xavier says:

    The word misogyny has been thrown around so often it has lost all meaning.

  2. Άriεѕƒląrε ¨*•.❤.•*¨ says:

    Because they hate how women give them such a hard time to be accepted. Every man wants a woman to accept them. The more beautiful the woman is, the more validated the man feels. I think the men who resent women the most really love women. Their “hatred” is fueled on what they don’t understand about women and how unfair it feels to them when women don’t accept them for certain reasons. Watch me get thumbed down.
    All men want from a woman is to feel desired and to feel like he’s strong. I believe males run off that feeling. Men will not admit what they really want from a woman because they want women to prove to them first. They sometimes want to see how smart or how aware a woman can be. If the woman is deemed as unaware she’s just a potential f*ck. These men who hate women are probably afraid. Afraid of not being accepted and afraid of not feeling the feminine essence of a woman. Some men may feel like the “true” essence of a woman is becoming extinct. This drives some men to become bitter and angry. They want to feel the essence of a woman because it soothes them. They also want the emotional support. They want someone to make them feel like they are a hero or someone who is important. I know this due to my relationships and relationship I have now. I know this because of my father, past male friends, and male relatives. Men who hate women are the ones who have never felt the touch of a woman. I’m not talking about sex. I’m talking about the essence of a woman.
    As the person said below,…(i only hate straight women for being irrational) ,,,,Clearly, that is a sign that some men do hate women because they don’t understand. Not understanding the opposite sex results into bitterness and frustration. Trying to insult the opposite gender is just a way of them to vent out their frustration.

  3. Mateo Landberg says:

    Well it’s all in the attitude towards woman. Yes, every guy likes a sexy woman but calling people names or treating them badly is simply unacceptable.

  4. The Prince says:

    I love girls!!
    It’s coz girls actually hate us men.

  5. psYA says:

    Generally it’s prejudice and/or past traumatic experiences. Could be backlash from his own insecurity around women from fear or past bad experiences, or things he heard from his buddies.
    From the way you describe it I would guess backlash/fear. Prejudice would merely cause some insensitive jokes and stupid assumptions. For him I would expect and read up on how to respond to personal attacks, especially those projecting his own fears about women or his own behavior onto you. He needs to learn to manage his insecurities but I doubt he’ll accept help, especially from you. Instead you better learn how to manage backstabbing, slander, rumors, etc.

  6. Sretesh says:

    I dont hate women cause in order hate women i have hate everyone with a xx sexual pair.But i dont do that ,i only hate straight women for being irrational.What is the first thing that comes to my mind whenever I look at a woman?; “stupid lesbian” I speak to myself.I consider her a “straight” woman (it is the most likely situation), and I am certain she finds the female body better looking (as any other woman does) but unlike those women who accept their orientation and the subsequent homosexual bias, she uses her lesbian leaning orientation as an excuse to belittle the male physique and is selfish enough to date someone she is not really attracted to.
    Contrary to what some women think, I don’t hate women and I am not jealous of them.
    I am more “disenchanted”, disillusioned and disappointed than angry. And I’m not bitter due to bad experiences or anything like that, because I’ve had a baggage of good and bad moments interacting with the opposite sex; it’s the knowledge and understanding of female sexuality the one thing which rendered straight women disgusting.
    I am aware of women’s homosexual cognitive bias regarding visual attractiveness and it is obviously a big “deal breaker”, but this is not the only problem: the real boiling point is their misandry coupled with a generous dose of hypocrisy.
    I have nothing against lesbians and I comprehend their “built in” favoritism for female sex characteristics, but I abhor the way “straight” women use their natural bigotry as an excuse to insult the male physique.
    If a woman said “I’m a lesbian and I find women better looking/easier on the eyes/etc” there would be no problem at all, but “straight” women don’t take into account their justified prejudice, no; they consider their opinion “objective” and don’t hesitate to belittle the male anatomy. It seems they cannot understand everything is not female and there are other objects and beholders.
    Anyway, being straight myself, I certainly have zero interest in competing with women (even when some of them believe I’m jealous), specially when someone’s inclination will determinate the winner; I don’t feel bested because there was no competition to begin with. And I would like to insist with women’s evident lesbian leaning sexual orientation: “fat in men goes to the wrong places”, “women have more to look at”, “sexy clothes look better on women/men can’t use that”, amongst other mantras make women’s predilection for their own sex’s phenotype flagrant.
    At first, it was sad and discouraging and it remained so for some time; but eventually, I became used to women’s homosexual leaning. And now I am so used to it, that if a woman told me she finds the male body more aesthetically pleasant/more visually attractive, I simply wouldn’t believe her.
    Well, this homosexual affinity to specific features within human sexual dichotomy is the main turn off but, like I said, hypocrisy and irrespective attitudes towards men are the reasons why I can’t stand “straight” women and this has nothing to do with misogyny.

  7. David says:

    I think some men hate women because they cant get a date and this makes them feel resentful towards women.

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