why do tax dodgers and benefit cheats get rewarded with tv deals and the ability to strengthen their sqaud ?

if i was to stop paying my tax and not pay my creditors,i would get a trip to bar L. what do rangers get? delayed transfer embargo , sky and espn tv deals ? where is the punishment ?

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13 Responses to “why do tax dodgers and benefit cheats get rewarded with tv deals and the ability to strengthen their sqaud ?”

  1. Seosaimh B says:

    Wouldn’t worry about them! They will always have their supporters, as long as they keep making the TV headlines for the wrong reasons, well and good. We should be more occupied watching CELTIC performing at the highest level in the Champions League….Who cares about Bigots and cheats, when we are heading off to Barcelona to watch the best competition in the world. Man I LOVE it!

  2. JaMie says:

    because we are the people

    The punishment is we have to play in dirty middens erm i mean lower division stadiums for 3 years. No offence

  3. Tatty says:

    and the cnuts still think they’ve been hard done by, cnuts should have been put out of existence properly.

  4. Monny says:

    Scottish football section ?

  5. ECK says:

    Ah wouldnae mind bein’ dubbed up wi’ ye. The extra blanket wid be welcome in the winter.

    No bigger midden than that shitheap in the east end Jamie.

  6. Iain Gannon says:

    because scottish football like scottish society is run my small minded little bigoted men who support rangersand are all in the same lodge

  7. Anne O'Rack says:

    In the jail your erse would get plundered……….just like your team tonight.

  8. T says:

    watch out laddy ,ally will want to your name

  9. tenko cowboy says:

    @jamie: Why would you choose to support a 3rd division team after the collapse of rangers.
    If my team were to fold and I decided that I would follow another club, then I sure wouldn’t choose a 3rd tier team, I would pick a club from a higher league to follow.

  10. falgee says:

    I agree. The transfer ban begins on Saturday… after the transfer window closes? Mccoist also got a ban yesterday, for bringing the game into disrepute… a 3 game touchline ban, suspended for a year?

    Anyway, i hear they stuffed a poor falkirk side last night.

  11. Predictor Scotland says:

    I’ve been to all 3 games this season at Ibrox Falgee and that has been the worst team i’ve seen. Relegation looms so we’l get to f*ck them next season as well.

  12. com.18 says:

    hiv you got TV up in Falkirk and when did you get the TV deal…

  13. Keir says:

    Cause theyre fucking quality

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