Why Do The Fat And Fuglies Think They Could Be Gold Diggers?

Let’s be honest. Men of substance/means/money, etc… do not want BIG FAT hogs or fugly women. They can afford the best. Yes there may be an occasional chubby chaser, but that doesn’t discount the fact that FAT women are for poor guys.
That being said, FAT and fugly women need to work harder in school to make sure they can get good jobs and pay their bills, because no man is ever going to pay them. This is why the majority of women who excel at business, law, medicine, etc… are FAT and/or fugly. Since men never asked them out they had a lot of spare time to spend in the library.
I still find it funny when I encounter the attitude of some of the fatties. Trying to act like they are entitled to or can attract a wealthy man. HAHAHA

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3 Responses to “Why Do The Fat And Fuglies Think They Could Be Gold Diggers?”

  1. William The Righteous says:

    You don’t gotta laugh at ’em dude, they’re already down XD

  2. Eyes Wide Open says:

    LOL i dont know wtf you live, but i know WAY more “average” sized successful women, and only a handful of “fat fuglies” lol!!!!!
    all the “fuglies” i know are happily married, btw, and its my more attractive friends who are having relationship problems

  3. JoJo says:

    You again, I am after him for sex not his money. Why because he is so handsome.
    I am not a fat George just beautiful and hot.

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