Why Do We Allowed The Chronically Poor To Have So Many Children?

I was reading a story today in the Washington Post about large families in homeless shelters and their hopes for subsidized housing vouchers. One woman had 13 kids, five of whom are still living with her. The reporter then went on to lament at how, due to Gentrification (read “White People”) housing costs are going up in the city and it is hard to find 3 and 4 bedroom homes for less than $2200 a month.
WTBloodyF…? Why did she have more kids than she knew she could afford. Why did we allow her to have more kids than WE, the taxpayers, can afford?
People find themselves in situations that are often the result of their poor life choices. How many WORKING families do you know with 13 kids.
Decent, working people never have that many kids, because they can’t afford them. Why to we allow these dregs of society to have all these kids, THAT WE HAVE TO PAY FOR?
Something ain’t right.

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6 Responses to “Why Do We Allowed The Chronically Poor To Have So Many Children?”

  1. railroad dave says:

    lack of access to family planning is a proven method to keep minorities and the poor down .

  2. random_m says:

    Ok, clearly the situation you’re talking about is wrong.
    But what’s your answer? mandatory sterilization? forced abortions? a class-specific one-child policy? come on, there’s no practical answer for this, except that things like WIC should cut off at a certain point. And everyone should have access to family planning services.
    Moreover, people move in and out of poverty as their situations change – is it OK for a family to have 4 children, but if they divorce and the woman becomes poor suddenly its not? If a poor person’s income rises, they get “permission” to have children? You can see how draconian this could get.

  3. Bored Housewife says:

    No, it isnt fair of her. But the alternative is to be like the Nazis. And each and every one of those kids has an equal chance in the good ole U S of A to make something of themselves. Which is what is supposed to make it Great. It’s what the US was set up to be all about. Equal chances for all. You cannot deny them that chance, as that chance is not denied to you, so you have to pay for it somewhere.
    Life isn’t fair.

  4. angelkisses :) says:

    I completely agree with you, but unfortunately, there is no simple solution here. Other than forcibly sterilizing people after a certain amount of children (which isn’t a bad idea, in my opinion, but it would be nearly impossible to make that an actual policy in the US), there’s not much we can do.

  5. MamaBas says:

    Because for most civilised societies, this isn’t what happens. I’ve long said this should be the case in Africa but who is to say who can have children and who can’t. For sure, everybody should think before bringing children into the world who they can’t support, but unless you live in China (for example) this kind of control isn’t on the agenda.
    I agree with your thoughts about this – and this is part of the reason why we didn’t have kids.

  6. Charles says:

    You make an excellent point. However, at this point in time, we have no LEGAL way of preventing welfare recipients from having more children. Granted, if a woman has been convicted of certain crimes, one of the requirements of her probation or parole can be mandatory birth control. But if the woman hasn’t been convicted of anything, there is no way of preventing her from having child, after child, after child. And we have to pay for them all.
    And if you want to assume that Congress were to grow the conjones to ever address this issue, you will have groups such as the American Civil Liberties Union making waves about the rights of the CHILDREN to be supported and to receive medical care, housing, and food, and the rights of the MOTHER to not have her reproductive rights interfered with. So this whole line of thinking is a lose-lose situation for the politicians, which is why things are not going to change any time soon.

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