Why Do You Believe Education In America Has Been So Mediocre Compared To 1st World Nations?

I believe it’s because our “reform” went the wrong way and was quite literally done stupidly based on “gut feelings” instead of empirical and real world examples of good education, and you continually cut funding to education to pay for tax breaks for rich people.
Instead of improving schools and setting national standards for curriculum we allow local boards to push through whatever they feel like especially in the science (ex. intelligent design) and history (ex. civil war revisionism) areas.
You then create “standardized” tests that financially punish schools for not meeting the grade with no considerations for why and no standard course of action to improve; which anyone with half a brain knew it would lead to mass cheating and lower actual education levels because they would teach to the test.
Then you open up public funding to FOR PROFIT voucher schools under the guise of “competition” which opened up kids to be taught every manner of religious and conspiracy theory out there again with no standards of curriculum.
Oh and when all the bad things happen (that most of the educators and administrators said would happen) and kids are not getting an education under the system you enacted you blame the teachers for the problems you created.

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4 Responses to “Why Do You Believe Education In America Has Been So Mediocre Compared To 1st World Nations?”

  1. Edgar says:

    Umm…because as part of my employment I regularly come in contact with the graduates of our high schools and institutions of higher learning, and have been since the mid-1960s.
    My observation, summarized, is that schools are GIVING AWAY As & Bs for the price of admission, and that, decade after decade, the average HS or college graduate has less command of BASIC math skills.
    What’s worse, their command of the English language has fallen even further. I hired a UC Berkeley(!) graduate in the mid-1990s who could not write an intelligible paragraph. Clearly, Berkeley had long ago gotten rid of Bonehead English, which is what incoming freshmen used to have to take if their English skills weren’t up to snuff.
    My HS gave advanced English students the Bonehead English test every year, and if you couldn’t pass, your classmates were on you like sh|t on a stick. Read: that test wasn’t the toughest in the world. Now it appears that Berkeley doesn’t care if you can even write in your own language! Nice, huh? Imagine what’s going on at the average state university & the community colleges.
    Guess what, if you’re hiring, you KNOW these things, and let me tell you that the little darlings are NOT learning BASIC skills in school. It would make me sick to tell you what they do “learn”, so I’ll skip that for another time. Let me just suggest that until this country again produces ENOUGH HS grads that can read AND UNDERSTAND the moderately complex operating instructions for a piece of equipment, as well as communicate coherently with their superiors and colleagues, we’ll be going sideways at best. I’m not hopeful this is going to happen in my lifetime.
    Having gotten all that off my chest, let me say that parents who care about their children’s education ensure that they’re enrolled at schools that produce results, cheating and lying teachers and administrators aside. Those parents who can’t get their kids into those schools have children who are doomed to a mediocre education. Why? Because there is an incredible amount of mediocrity in American public education, which doesn’t exactly attract the best and the brightest. And that, by the way, is NOT a problem susceptible to solving by throwing money at it.
    On the subject of money, this country is in the beginning stages of learning to do more with less. This will be nowhere more true than in public education, by far the most expensive of the services provided by government. I wouldn’t spend too much time looking for more money for education; only in upper middle class districts will this happen, and that’s separate from the fact that most upper middle class kids in this country no longer attend public schools. Besides, there’s little evidence that throwing big money at education produces the desired results. See: Kansas City.

  2. Jade says:


  3. GEORGE B says:

    You just proved you have no idea of what you are talking about. Home schoolers and private schools MUST teach required subjects from sources approved by state education boards.

  4. dumernab says:

    I don’t believe that. I received a very good education at a somewhat decent public school because I didn’t want to end up like so many others I knew.
    It’s up to each student to learn what they can no matter how bad the teachers might be.

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