Why Do You Trust The Same Gov That Used Chemical-weapons On Children?

at Waco, Texas? It’s on record. There only way to discount it unless you are in denial.
The same gov that Lord Blackwell said scammed
the American-people out of $15 Trillion. It’s on record.
If they went that far, what else could they be lying about?

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5 Responses to “Why Do You Trust The Same Gov That Used Chemical-weapons On Children?”

  1. scott b says:

    Since it’s “on the record”, it should be very easy for you to provide proof. Yet, I notice that you don’t…

  2. suthrnly says:

    And here I was.. Ready to pounce on those links of proof that I knew you’d provide.
    Once again, I’ve been fooled. (I must remember that I’m a liberal).

  3. Kayla says:

    Easy answer to your question- I don’t. America has done a great number of awful things, many of which have been hidden/ attempted at being hidden. People that continue to trust the government are clueless about these things, or just ignore them and dismiss them as lies and rumours. Many people lack the sense and ability to act independently.

  4. Agent 99 says:

    They used tear gas at Waco, not chemical weapons and this was after a 50 day standoff. Waco was a tragedy that did not need to happen, but it doesn’t surprise me that it did with someone like former attorney general Janet Reno at the helm. She did a lot of stupid things during the Clinton era like not allowing the FBI and CIA to share information and not going after leads in the U.S. regarding al Qaeda. Ruby Ridge was another thing that could have been avoided, both of these happened at a time when Clinton and Reno messed up the U.S. intelligence agencies on many levels.

  5. Xi Confucius Gua says:

    no proof

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