why does amazon.com get the latest items before amazon.co.uk?

amazon.com already has "fallout new vegas:limited edition" "fable 3:limited eddition" and the new xbox 360 (not the elite, the brand new one), will amazon.co.uk ever havethese items on display?!?!?

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4 Responses to “why does amazon.com get the latest items before amazon.co.uk?”

  1. Tom says:

    The reason why America gets the goodies before we do in the UK is purely commercial.

    Think about it – if you had a choice between selling into a market with a population of 300 million, and one whose population is a fifth that size, which one would you pick?

    There’s a link below to a Wikipedia list of countries by population, showing that

    * one in five people in the world is Chinese
    * one in eight is Indian
    * one in 22 lives in the United States
    * one in 110 is British.

    The other factor to bear in mind is that Amazon is an American company based in Seattle, Washington. It therefore has a natural tendency to sell new products into its home market first.

  2. Aaron says:

    that’s how it is…just like how America gets certain games before you guys.

  3. mxxoxoxo says:

    Tom did his research. I voted for him. Great answer.

  4. Scorpia says:

    The US always seems to get everything before the UK. For example, the majority of films are released in the US before the UK. However, to answer your question directly, amazon.com is the "flagship" of the Amazon company and therefore gets a lot of things sooner than amazon.co.uk.

    Amazon will in time stock the new Xbox console, however, it will be when there contract with Microsoft (the maker of Xbox) allow them to sell it in the UK. I’d leave it a couple of months before looking somewhere else!

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