Why does my tortoise keep trying to escape?

My tortoise zoe is female and i have had her for about 5 years and i had got her as a newborn hermann tortoise. She did originally live in a vivarium but recently we have bought her really big new table with a mesh lid. All of her life she has been climbing on the walls, scratching the wood and trying to escape (in both tables). I treat her very well. She has all the vitamins and proper care required, so why does she try to escape every day for five years? Lately it has got worse as she has started to tip herself upside down and trying even more to escape. Is she trying to kill herself? I let her outside for exercise everyday and she gets to go round the harden and she loves it, she seems happy. The table is perfect but should i remove the mesh lid?? (She keeps using it to tip herself over but the problem is i have 2 cats) this is the table i recently bought…http://item.mobileweb.ebay.co.uk/viewitem?index=0&sbk=1&nav=SEARCH&itemId=121125383022 im really concerned as i love her very much please help.

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3 Responses to “Why does my tortoise keep trying to escape?”

  1. Beakerwife says:

    Why not build her an enclosure in a sheltered spot, outside? I think she wants the fresh air and green of outside rather than a noisy carpet haven!

  2. Izzy says:

    Sounds like she doesn’t like being in a cage. Put her on the floor, so she doesn’t tip herself over

  3. Sara says:

    Well if u want some common sense and after.reading your question u do. Your turtle wants to (key word ESCAPE is.because its in captivity. You have captureed a.tortoise and held it for 5 years!? How did you not figure this out the first month You had it. Also how is anyone supposed to know if its suicidal!? If someone knew that there wouldn’t be just vet psychiatrists.. free the damn thing You have held it.prisoner long.enough. Peace be with u and all your prisoner animals.

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