Why Does North Carolina Hate The Free Market?

A bill moving through the state legislature there would make it illegal for Tesla — or any other car manufacturer — to sell cars directly to consumers in the state, The rationale (or lack thereof): “Most states have laws on the books prohibiting car manufacturers from selling directly to consumers.
Those laws serve to keep car dealers in business and…oh, actually, that’s about all. Tesla, though has a different sales strategy, opting to sell their rather pricey, top of the line automobiles to wealthy consumers over the Internet and forgoing dealerships altogether,”
“But car dealers are crying foul, and as local dealers have more political sway than a startup electric car company, they’re concerns carry a lot of weight.”
Though dealers’ fears of direct sales are broader than just Tesla, the company was the first to pick a fight over them, which means it’s going to take the first hits in that fight, too. And if protecting an interest group means taking away a citizen’s ability to make a purchase in the way they want, then it appears that’s a step plenty of North Carolina politicians are willing to take.
And it looks like they won’t be alone, as Tesla is already facing similar obstacles in Texas.http://www.theatlanticwire.com/technolog…
Is this an attack on “green” tech????

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4 Responses to “Why Does North Carolina Hate The Free Market?”

  1. I do not care says:

    That is typical government for you.

  2. No religion in this pub ™ says:

    Not at all its the same corporatism that has been in affect since the days of Wilson.
    I don’t expect much it is a democratic state.

  3. the night of the zombie g says:

    … free market… except for when it hits our bottom line… then here come regulations!

  4. Tom Joad says:

    Its more complicated then that, those laws were designed so that if you bought a car you would actuallly have a place to services it.
    Where the hell are you going to get someone to work on a Tesla if thier is no car dealership. It does surprise me they would bring this up in todays market
    Id Kill for a model S

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