why does rumplestiltskin make deals?

I just realised that he can kill pretty much anyone and get pretty much anything by himself so why does he bother with deals? When he asked for snow white’s hair, he could have just taken it anyway. When he asked for prince charming’s cloak, he could have taken that anyway.

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4 Responses to “why does rumplestiltskin make deals?”

  1. cindy2u2005 says:

    He’s a complex character, he doesn’t like to force people to bargain or just take things, he wants their consent so he can make them realize later how much a small decision or deal impacts them later: basically, "if your good at something never do it for free." he understands that small favors that people made with him will matter later, at a crucial time, and that is better than forcing them. He’s very sly but quick-witted.

  2. Sophie says:

    He tricks people into contracts because that means they have agreed, therefore there can’t be any repocussions! Otherwise he’d be an outlaw on the run

  3. Danny says:

    Profit, man. Profit. He tricks people into these things so he can get something off them… some people these days call these kind of people scam

  4. Hopper says:

    His ultimate goal was getting all of fairytale land cursed so he could come to our world and find Baelfire. That kind of magic comes with a heavy price and takes a lot to set up and whoever casts it would get some major attention. Doing it himself or killing or doing aggressive stuff would create him enemies that would distract him and maybe ruin his plans. And he would not want to pay the price of such heavy magic himself.

    To avoid that manipulates others into doing or giving him what he wants, Rumpelstiltskin makes deals that would all eventually lead him to his son, but everyone else’s attention is not focused on him until he wants it to be so he can stay in the background of the action influencing it all.

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