Why Does The Military Complain So Much?

They are the ones who signed up for the job. They knew they wouldn’t get holidays off, and that they could die, so why do they get mad when they can’t come home for Thanksgiving or Christmas? And why do they get so many coupons, to me it’s just a job. Just like police officers risk their life’s, do you see ‘Police Discounts’ uhhh no! I just don’t understand.
Ps: What are they fighting for anyway? We have our freedom, the government needs to stop spending money on other country’s wars.

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6 Responses to “Why Does The Military Complain So Much?”

  1. Xavier Stintson says:

    Your last paragraph is so damned true…
    Basically the soldiers got drafted arent too happy to be fighting for some people who are making IEDs every now and then.. That explains why they are pissed…Morever, the government sends troops to these countries not in the name of freedom, but oil money…

  2. Question says:

    Tell me a single job where people haven’t complained about something? Tell me you **** face. That’s right you can’t. The military, unlike civilian jobs, cannot just up and quit if they don’t like something, and for the most part it is civilian complaining for the military. Are you thousands of miles away from your family during a FAMILY holiday? No, now shut up and go away. You bother me and vicodin isn’t helping.

  3. Amanda says:

    You’re a d*ck!!! When something does happen they will be the ones saving your sorry a**!! To you it’s just a job, get outta here with that bs! They work harder than you’ve probably ever worked in your life!!

  4. blahh says:

    Seems like your the one who complains.

  5. Maniac Cop says:

    Who’s complaining.

  6. Eric says:

    Lol, you’re the one complaining.

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