Why doesn't England sell tubs of chocolate mint ice cream?

I’m not sure if Wales, Ireland or Scotland have this problem, but in London I can never find tubs of chocolate mint ice cream anywhere apart from Marks & Spencer’s & some other independent supermarkets. They only ever sell them in cones, hardly ever in tubs. In America, there are lots of tubs of different ice cream, including chocolate mint ice cream! I am so annoyed since chocolate mint ice cream is my favourite flavour!

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9 Responses to “Why doesn't England sell tubs of chocolate mint ice cream?”

  1. ..... says:

    Try sainsburys, asda or tesco

  2. Paige says:

    They do sell them in tubs from Carte D’or (not sure how to spell it).

  3. Ben B says:

    Try the major super markets. I know Iceland (one of the smaller ones) have them available for £1.50!

  4. Tom O'Bedlam says:

    Ice cream is sold in quarts
    Who needs a tub full of Ice cream
    Are you bathing in it?

  5. Stefano says:

    This is an italian invention. Buy vanilla ice cream from the supermarket, than put it in the mixer whit milk,(half quantity), and mint liquid. And smooke a joint. So… . For enjoing

  6. Bistro Didi says:

    Supermarkets mass-buy ice cream and will only stock the most popular flavours. I like mint chocolate chip too and you are probably better off with the quality of Marks & Spencer than what other shops and brands come up with.

  7. stopadeeboomba says:

    Waitrose or Simply Food? Any fine department store. If you just need a fix, head over to Ben and Jerry’s.

  8. Ellie says:

    Waitrose 🙂

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