Why is David Barby from Bargain Hunt always sporting black eyes?

Just seen him on Bargain Hunt with two black eyes and a cut above his head and this time he tripped on a pavement apparently!

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3 Responses to “Why is David Barby from Bargain Hunt always sporting black eyes?”

  1. Ryan says:

    Me and my brother were just wondering the exact same thing… I’ve been looking on the internet and one of the explanations appeared on a forum, which claimed that he fell down a flight of stairs at his local pub. And apparently in the show, jokes were made about Tim Wonnacott beating him up. I did laugh… If these explanations are true, he really shouldn’t be allowed out of the house without being bubble-wrapped!

  2. Peter says:

    they are repeated, just seems like that

  3. Ghost of Arlanymor Mountain Man says:

    I heard that he tried it on with Anita Manning and she hit him for four with a golf club

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