Why is ebay.com so different to ebay.co.uk?

Why is ebay.com so different to .co.uk ? i mean on ebay.com if you are selling an ebook you can select digital delivery so when the buyer pays they can see a link to the download – thus saving the seller the time of emailing the ebook out to each person. AND if you get stuck you can talk to a real live person in a chat room type effort ‘live help’ it’s so much better! Why don’t they have this available on ebay.co.uk?

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4 Responses to “Why is ebay.com so different to ebay.co.uk?”

  1. beanie says:

    We have always been years behind the us in the internet. It still bugs me that we can’t buy gap clothes online. And amazon is so much better over there.

  2. π² says:

    Because Europeans, especially Brits, like to spend and make their money via the U.S.

    Brits get to be cultured, worldly, respected.

    We get to make the money, it’s only a bone we get thrown.

    "If you want to be spiritual you go to India. If you want culture you go to Europe. If you want to make money you go to New York."

    They allow you to sell E-books on ebay? Wow…

  3. Kevin A says:

    Check out: http://ebayzone.blogspot.com They have good tips and information on anything that has to do with ebay.


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