Why Is Everyone Underestimate Animals So Much As Far As Their Health And What Not?

every time someone asks a question about an animal such as what to feed it or anything of that nature they always go nuts and give them an answer thats real dramatic like “no dont do that it might hurt it if you dont do so and so” well thats nuts think about wild animals they do fine with what they catch to eat and the water they drink the pets we have now a day has all the same instinct as the wild ones take a duck for example a duck everyone says they cant survive if they are set loose in the wild if they have been raised domesticly yet you hear of people releasing them all the time and they get along just fine why do people do this is another example this crazy idea that turtles cant survive without a filter is it like a sales pitch to get get u to go out and buy a filter or what why do people do this i ask again why

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One Response to “Why Is Everyone Underestimate Animals So Much As Far As Their Health And What Not?”

  1. Stephani says:

    Animals that are bred to be pets have lost some of their survival instinct. In the wild they have had years of evolution to advance to the point of day to day survival. There is a large number of animals in the wild that die without the right care but most of the time we don’t know about it. Pets rely entirely on us for things. Eg, turtles need filters cause in the wild they live in places with running water and countless of other creatures in their Ecosystem and a large range to live in whereas in captivity they have a tank and everything that their owner supplies them. I’m sure in some cases animals CAN do ok, but there is no way of knowing 100% they will be fine so is it really worth the risk of the animal dying to find out? And the people who say “it comes back around every so often for food etc” means that the animals still needs people to survive after its been released

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