Why Is It Always Democrats Who Trash Rental Apartments?

I manage a subsidized housing complex. Most tenants are fine, but a certain percentage are the kind who trash the apartment. They have drug parties and sex orgies. Some have even distributed porn to the young children in the complex. We have discovered that those kind of people are Democrats 100% of the time. We are making every effort to refuse to rent to Democrats without giving any reason. They are easy to identify, they have no job, they buy groceries with food stamps or vouchers. They are generally dirty and smell bad, their car windows are always filthy, their language is in the gutter, they listen to rap. It’s actually easy to identify a Democrat without asking them outright. But if you ask them, they will quickly say they are Democrats. They are proud of it.

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4 Responses to “Why Is It Always Democrats Who Trash Rental Apartments?”

  1. HD says:

    they know someone else will pay for the damage.

  2. justagra says:

    Cute story. But it falls apart as so many do on the simple truth that you have no way of knowing who actually votes which way.
    How is it under the bridge, I had no idea trolls held jobs either.

  3. Bad Wolf says:

    It’s not that all Democrats are like that it’s that just all who are like that are Democrats.

  4. Elmer says:

    No the only difference is that Republians trash more upscale apts.

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