Why Is My Dad All Of A Sudden Not Letting Me Make My Own Decisions?

My dad hasn’t been letting make my own choices lately. I’m 18. For instance, last week, I was planning to go to a metal concert with some friends. My dad has always known that I listen to metal but he said he doesn’t want me going because he thinks I’ll get into the mosh-pit (which I was) and he thinks I would get hurt. He’s been making me do a lot of church activities that I didn’t plan on signing up for, usually surprising me with it. There’s many instances, but the biggest one would have to be today. I was referred by a friend to be a Sales Representative for CutCo. I went in for the interview, the man interviewed me, loved me (not to brag). I got the job, went home and told my parents. My mom couldn’t have been more proud, my dad literally said “I don’t think that’s your kind of job”. I didn’t know how to reply to that. Since I love working with people, which he’s well aware of. So I just stared at him. He asked me to call the man back and he would help find another job. Why has he been like that lately? He’s usually pretty relaxed about what I do.

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2 Responses to “Why Is My Dad All Of A Sudden Not Letting Me Make My Own Decisions?”

  1. murphy says:

    If your a girl: He probably doesn’t want you to turn into one do those hood people and wants to be over protected.
    If your a boy: He probably doesn’t want you to become a person who likes hood people.
    Final answer: He wants you to be happy with your life and make the right choices he is also worried that you won’t make them correctly.

  2. Dizzy says:

    He probably doesn’t want his little girl to grow up fast..my parents do not let me wear make up but I’m going to ask my mom if I can start wearing it when school starts..just sit down with him alone and tell him how you want to grow up with him by your side..tell him you aren’t going to change one bit..(I also have issues with parents)

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