Why Is The Dodge Charger So Cheap?

Ok I know I shouldn’t be asking why. But I live in Texas and when I want a car I look all over the state for the best deal. And I’ve been noticing that in every dealership for a new dodge charger. It says the original price like $28,000 and discounts of 3,000. Which makes the sale price like $25,000. Why are there so much discount. Is it because the time of year or what.

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3 Responses to “Why Is The Dodge Charger So Cheap?”

  1. Uncle Bo says:

    Good rebates going on right now. Get one if you want one. They’re a great deal.

  2. TiggyWig says:

    The 2013 Charger has a $3000 manufacturer’s rebate on the more expensive R/T models and $2000 on the less expensive models — $3000 on leftover 2012 models. Rebates are a common way for car companies to try to boost sales on slow-selling cars. The Charger is not a big seller right now.

  3. retired old sarge says:

    because they are trying to get rid of as many 2013 models as they can before the 2014 models come out.

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