Why Is The Nra Against Background Checks?

I guess something i don’t understand is, why does the NRA continue to deny the need for background checks on private firearm sales?
Every few months there is a new school shooting, Sandyhook, Santa Monica College, Aurora movie theater, Virginia tech, etc. And each one of them was linked to some form of mental illness.
Don’t get me wrong, i believe every American should be able to own a gun, but i believe they must be mentally sane in order to have that right. But why do people oppose this? Im lost.

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4 Responses to “Why Is The Nra Against Background Checks?”

  1. Felonious Monkey says:

    Because the NRA receives tens of millions every year from gun manufacturers. Every time a law is passed which limits the ability of people to carry weapons, the NRA loses money.

  2. Mango says:

    look at the IRS…pretty obvious why they don’t want background checks.

  3. Latvian Farmer says:

    One word: money. Increased background checks means less people able to buy guns, which means less money for the NRA.

  4. RiteWnge says:

    None of the shootings you mentioned would have been stopped by a background check. None of them had been adjudicated insane by a court and a background check would have shown nothing.
    The NRA opposes background checks because; as a quick read of the news for the last two weeks would attest to, the government tends to abuse every power it gets.

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