Why is there such a demand for entry-level sales positions?

I am considering taking a job in sales. Several recruitment agencies/companies have called me in for an interview in sales.

For those of you who have worked in this field, what is it like? It it very hard? Do many people end up quitting? Why?

I am just suspicious as to why this is such an easy job to obtain.


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One Response to “Why is there such a demand for entry-level sales positions?”

  1. midnite33592 says:

    Turnover rate is in the 90 percent tile. It costs nothing to hire you, and you pay your own salary. When you do start to make sales/money, the company will change the compensation package, reduce your percent of the sale and steal your money. They will keep you hanging on with minor perks and telling you how much better you can do. It is a pyramid scheme that is legal. RUN FROM THIS JOB.

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