Why Isn’t Anybody Buying The New Intel 4th Gen Cores On Amazon?

Do people even know it’s on yet? or is there something nobody’s telling me?

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7 Responses to “Why Isn’t Anybody Buying The New Intel 4th Gen Cores On Amazon?”

  1. Harshil says:

    bcoz, its expensive

  2. doruletz says:

    And just how do you know that nobody is buying it??????

  3. Teemo says:

    People, arent really buying it yet because its too expensive for the minor upgrade people are waiting for it to go down in price to buy it. Even htough it is the highest clocked intel cpu in the market.

  4. TEEHEE says:

    ive bought one 😛

  5. Jack says:

    in terms of processing power haswell is only about 5% better than ivy bridge so no one is upgrading. those buying new systems will be buying them.

  6. Liam says:

    most tech savvy people are waiting for the next gen consoles to be released, after there release all pc parts will come down in price as there will be less demand for pc equipment,
    once that happends only then will i buy a new graphics card and processor until then intel can keep there over priced processors. no matter how powerfull they are,

  7. Wiliam says:

    Very little upgrade from the Ivy generation.
    Only major upgrades are Graphics and lower power requirements, and most people build their computers with a dedicated Graphics Card making the inbuilt graphics useless. And again, most people don’t really care about slightly lower power requirement.

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