Why Wont My Forever 21 Gift Voucher Work?

so i put in the billing and shipping details correctly and i’m onto the payment method and i’m trying to purchase some things on my gift card but when i type in the 16 numbered gift card number and 8 numbered pin correctly (I’ve double checked they’re the correct numbers) it comes up with a message saying ‘We’re sorry. We have encountered an unexpected error processing your gift card. Please re-enter your gift card information and re-apply to your order. Thank you.’ and I’ve reentered the numbers about 5 times now and the same message keeps coming up.
And the problem isn’t that there isn’t enough money on the gift card because it comes to just over £20 including shipping and there’s £25 on the gift card, so what do i do?

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2 Responses to “Why Wont My Forever 21 Gift Voucher Work?”

  1. Trey says:

    im gonna make a store called finally 22 next to a forever 21 store 😀
    ~trey 13

  2. Massie Chadwick says:

    Maybe the website is down, so try again tomorrow or on a different computer. Or, you could go to one of the stores and buy the item there. Hope this helps! Sm:)e

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