Why Would Anyone Vote For Republican Politicians When They Want To Turn Medicare Into A Voucher System?

why would anyone vote for a democrat when they refuse to make changes to medicare and as a result medicare will cease to exist in 15 years?
would you rather have something or nothing?
the affordable care act’s saving remain to be seen, initial cbo estimate indicated it would save 2 trillion, then revised estimates put that at 1 trillion, then further revisions put it at 800 billion, then further revisions put it at 500 billion, then further revisions put it at 600 billion, then at 350 billion, and one revision even put it at an increase of 250 billion.
we certainly know the affordable care act TAKES 716 billion from medicare and spends that money on provisions in the affordable care act… but that is not the same as saving 1 trillion for medicare.
estimates indicate that medicare, at current levels, is sustainable only until 2024, but when you count the 100,000 who will be added to medicare each month for the next 5 years coupled with a decreased ratio of those paying in to those taking out, the estimates put medicare, even with the shift of a small number from medicare to the afa coverage, insolvent within 15 years, unless what medicare covers is drastically reduced or how it is run is drastically changed.

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6 Responses to “Why Would Anyone Vote For Republican Politicians When They Want To Turn Medicare Into A Voucher System?”

  1. IceT says:

    I tend to believe enough in my country to think that they will do whatever works and will not cause a great deal of human misery. Circumstances have changed since millions of boomers are now retiring. The old system is unsustainable. There aren’t enough young people paying into it and there are too many old people coming up for the next 20 years or more. Something has to change. I’m sure the Democrats know this as well. It is just politically unpopular. I just hope they don’t wait until its too late.

  2. Bekindto says:

    Because if you’re rich & healthy you never die.

  3. MICHAEL P D says:

    I honestly don’t believe enough people really do their own research. As an academic librarian, I have found this to be true again and again.
    P.S. Unfortunately, I have a tenant who honestly believes that listening to Rush Limbaugh daily is his factual research.

  4. emmiehem says:

    I’m enjoying watching Dems so Desperate.


    Heckova question! Medicare guarantees healthcare to senior citizens and the republicans offer a “coupon” system to allow seniors to pay for their health care. I prefer the Medicare system that supports my parents,

  6. SupaStar says:

    If they are not millionaires or financial manipulators, I can only ascribe their motives to stupidity as well as Republican or Religious fnaticism However this ain’t gonna happen because Obama will be re elected
    Hope this helps

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