Why Would Anyone What Romney For President?

i was watching tv last night & was told not only did they bring in the chinese workers to be trained, but the american workers were forced to train them to ship the jobs to china. On top of that they lowered the AMERICAN FLAG , AND RAISED THE CHINESE FLAG WHILE THEY WERE THERE!! Romney still holds stock in bain capital still today, and people want to elect him for president of the United States! wake up America , before its too late!!! Why does Romney keep calling China cheaters when he does so much business there??? Remember Romney’s private words to his 1% cronies regarding what he thinks of 47% of the citizens. Then there’s the Koch brothers sending out letters to all their employees that they’ll lose their jobs if they don’t vote for Romney. (People can & should be able to VOTE for whomever they want for their country)These people will lose their jobs anyway, or they will have to move to China to work to give Romney more money. There are now college grads moving over there so they can work! Romney & Ryan want people now to take a voucher for healthcare? (LOL) Give them a voucher to go away forever. GOOD RIDDANCE to them! They actually are making Bush look good, never thought I’d say this. We don’t need to go backwards, we need to go forward. Obama is far from perfect, but I’ll take him any day over these evil, greedy fools.

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4 Responses to “Why Would Anyone What Romney For President?”

  1. Peace says:

    Romney is no prize, but Hussein Obama would be 100 times worse.

  2. ahandle1 says:

    For the much betterness of stuff.

  3. Peppers says:

    Heres a tip. Dont use Obama campign commericals as a source of real information

  4. Bryce Nagy says:

    Romney showed serious disrespect to the president in the debate, I.E. speaking out of turn.
    His wife sounds like my girlfriend from 6th grade.
    His kids are all immature, rich, and spoiled.
    And one of his sons threatened the president on live radio broadcast.

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