Why Would My Ex Offer To Come To My Brother’s Wedding When We Hardly Talk Anymore?

We went out briefly two years ago. We work together. He hardly talks to me, and he brought up my brother’s wedding this morning [knowing it would be in Chicago, as I did tell him that once previously.] He said, “Where is it?” I said “Chicago” and he said, “Oh I LOVE that town…. if you’re looking for someone to go with you, I’d definitely go..”
whattt??? He didn’t seem like he was kidding at all.. but I just kind of smiled and shrugged and quickly moved onto something else..
Why would you want to travel with someone you don’t even talk to .. meet their family??
btw, it would NOT be free to him… he would be responsible for his aire far and hotel . It’s discounted [group rate] but not free.. I’m not sure if he’s ASSUMING it would be free?? and if so, why would he assume that? lol..but that’s all I can figure.

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3 Responses to “Why Would My Ex Offer To Come To My Brother’s Wedding When We Hardly Talk Anymore?”

  1. rebeccer says:

    Maybe he wants to get back together

  2. Helliana the Pretty Buffed Woman says:

    Your ex wants to make sure your brother is not marrying your ex’s ex.

  3. HomoSapi says:

    I really don’t understand the reason or motivation behind YA members who ask questions like these.
    What on earth is wrong with questioning the actual person face to face? Speculating and asking a bunch of internet strangers is totally useless.
    “Why are you asking to come to a wedding as my guest when we are broken up”
    Start there.

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