Wide Leather Cuff Watch

A wide leather cuff watch is a wristwatch that uses a very wide leather band, instead of the tradition band which is usually thinner than the face. These durable and incredibly fashionable watches can be purchased from many different places. They have a wide price range and come in an infinite variety of colors and styles. They can be worn for different occasions and can be used for functions besides telling time.

It is possible to purchase them at department stores, jewelry stores, discount stores and online. Look for places that tend to specialize in watches, or stores that try to keep up with the latest fashion. You will not likely find this style if you look in a typical high end jewelry store.

Searching the internet and buying online is the easiest way to find the perfect match that fits your style. Most online retailers now allow you to return an item if it happens to not fit you well. However, if you absolutely need to try it on before you buy; your local mall will likely be the best place to begin your hunt, but just know that your options will be severely limited when compared to online shopping.

Information about different styles and prices can also be found by searching department store websites and discount store websites. The majority of leather cuff watches are designed for men or are meant to be unisex. However, there are a few companies who make more feminine designs that can be clearly distinguished from the men’s design.

This style was an underground trend a few years ago, but now some major designers are starting to take notice. Some of the big names who produce a bunch of different great designs of this style of watch include: Fossil, Diesel, and Guess.

Prices for wide leather cuff watches can range from a few dollars for those found in discount stores to thousands of dollars for designer watches. The best part about this style is that you do not need to spend a fortune to get one that looks great and is of high quality. Most of my favorite watches in this style cost less than one hundred dollars.

These come in many styles and colors. Leather cuffs on the watches can be solid colors or several different colors. Sets that come with one face and several different leather cuffs are available. Some wide leather cuff watches are digital. The shapes of the faces can be round, square or rectangular.

Wide leather cuff watches can be worn for different occasions. Some are considered more sporty, while others are fancy enough to be worn for formal occasions.

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