Will a HD DVD work on a normal DVD player and TV?

I accidentally bought a copy of ‘Atonement’ on amazon.co.uk, and didn’t realize that it was a HD copy – until it arrived. Will it still work on my DVD player and TV, even though neither are HD or HD ready?

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  1. gkk_72 says:


    But not the HD-DVD portion. You see, some HD DVD titles were released in a "Combo" format. This meant that it had both the HD DVD and regular DVD information on it and would be playable in a regular DVD player. Take a look at the link and see if your copy looks like the picture. If it says COMBO on your copy then it will play!


  2. Marky says:


    Your dvd player will not recognise it.

  3. Kenny says:

    Unfortunately no HD DVD’s are burned ona special type of dvd that a regular dvd player won’t play. It doesn’t have the right lazer to recognise that type of format.

  4. HT Guru says:

    an HD-DVD movie will only play on a HD-DVD player and regular dvd’s will play on a HD-DVD player , some HD-DVD movies come in a combo that means that the same disc is one side HD-DVD and the other is DVD so this type of disc will play in a regular dvd if you play the correct side …
    so if you have this version it will work

    this other one i found on amazon.uk its not a combo so it wont work unless you have a HD-DVD player

  5. Ashram says:

    An HD-DVD disc will not play in a regular DVD player while a hybrid HD-DVD disc will only have the regular DVD layer recognized by a DVD player.

    If it’s unopened, return the disc to Amazon.

  6. Enrique says:

    Sorry man it won’t work on a regualr DVD player.

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