Will Game Refund/exchange Microsoft Points?

Hi all, as a christmas presant from my teacher, i recieved 800 microsoft points, the problem is im on ps3. It was microsoft points or nothing. So i have the voucher , the code is on the reicept, i plan to replace it for a £10 playstation network card, will they let me, because they might think i used it. My alternative would be ebay. Could you please help me ASAP?
Thanks XD

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3 Responses to “Will Game Refund/exchange Microsoft Points?”

  1. Slamacow says:

    I don’t think they will let you. If it’s just a receipt with the code on, there’s no way of them checking that you haven’t used it. If you look on the GAME website, they will probably have T&C’s for that type of item.

  2. Zach says:

    Well points for online purchases and games are just like buying downloadable content from gamestop (NON REFUNDABLE!!!!!). At least that’s what the guy told me as long as you can get an exchange or find someone on the streets that needs it more and can give you something you need. That’s all I can think of…
    I apologize if I wasn’t much help!

  3. InEdible says:

    I dont know, but you will have to pay a but for a £10 card. 800 ms points is worth about £8

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