Will I Get A Full Refund From A Amazon.com Marketplace Seller?

I recently purchased a book in “new” condition from the Amazon marketplace, but when it arrived it was not even close to “new” condition. I was wondering if i will get a full refund (including shipping) or not?
The seller contacted me and offered a discount if i kept the book, but didn’t state how much, or how it would be paid.
I read terms and conditions and this is what is really confusing me:
Requirements for a Full Refund:
Items must be in new condition
Seller Returns Policies:
Shipping and handling charges for returning items shipped by a seller are borne by the buyer.

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One Response to “Will I Get A Full Refund From A Amazon.com Marketplace Seller?”

  1. G T says:

    If you don’t get a refund send a manager or supervisor a letter on how much you like their service and how you are very proud of them for the “good” service they have been doing.
    About two weeks after sending the letter you will probably get a gift card.
    I did this myself and received a 25$ gift card for amazon.

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