Will I Get Compensation For My Flight Delay?

My flight on United Airlines was recently delayed due to a plane engine malfunction, which caused me miss my final flight connection. I remember the flight attendants saying that I could go online and choose some sort compensation. The airport did allow me a food voucher and an over-night stay at a hotel to catch my next flight once I talked to customer service about the delay. Was this the compensation?

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2 Responses to “Will I Get Compensation For My Flight Delay?”

  1. theSebst says:

    Your food vouchers and the hotel stay was the compensation. You will usually also be entitled to have some phone calls reimbursed, but thats about it. If you suffered a financial loss as a direct result of the delay, you may be entitled to reimbursements. However, this is usually limited to food, hotel and phone calls.

  2. Shania Brendon says:

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