Will I Get Fired For Reporting My Coworker?

I reported my coworker to HR he says rude things to me and only me like I’m fat i’m stupid he tries to belittle me but he would never talk to a male coworker the way he talks to me, i dont even know why he picks on me i did nothing to him and he has made me cry he was saying i should grow up, but I go to work to do my job not to hear im worthless and dumb. I am scared that i might get fired for going behind my manager’s back and calling a higher authority mind you the manager has talked to this kid numerous times and he still talks to me negative.

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  1. carolyn says:

    Can you get this bully on your phone video talking to you like this?
    •This is a “hostile workplace.”
    •Once you get the video, take it to Legal Aid.
    Ask for a settlement, you want enough money to last 2 years so you can train for a better job. Do not sue as it is a “public record” and you don’t want future employers to see it. They won’t hire someone who sues her employer. You also want a positive recommendation as part of the settlement.
    •You need to consider training for a better career where you are not treated badly.
    •Look at the Occupational Outlook Handbook
    •your local Community College has a Career Planning Class and the Meyers-Briggs Personality Test.
    •You can get funding call 800.433.3243 ask for “Funding Education Beyond High School 2013-14 & Your Federal Student Loans
    •If you are 17-24 you can join Americorps.gov 800.942.2677. They’ll give you $5,550 voucher to do Vocational Training. Must give 1700 hrs over 10 months.
    •Read: 48 Days to the Work you love by Dan Miller, The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsay.
    •train for a job that pays$100K per year!
    Finally, do not waste your settlement money. Budget and save it!

  2. Ed says:

    They can’t fire you for that, and even if they do you would have a very strong case for wrongful dismissal

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