Will The 3ds Play Ds (non 3d) Games From A Different Region?

I’ve done a little research and found that the original Nintendo DS is region free but the 3DS is region locked.
What I’d like to know is if it’s hardware specific or game specific.
For example, if I have a 3DS purchased in Europe will it play the original New Super Mario Bros. if I purchased that game in the USA?
The reason for my query is that I’m getting a 3DS from Europe and for many of the older DS games aren’t available at local retailers so I’d like to order them online but sites like Amazon don’t specify the region of the game. Even Amazon.co.uk :/
Thanks in advance

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2 Responses to “Will The 3ds Play Ds (non 3d) Games From A Different Region?”

  1. Our Minds says:


  2. Ryu says:

    Yes, it can.
    Except for specific games (namely, DSi-enhanced games), like Pokemon Black and such.
    If you didn’t know though, Amazon.co.uk lists PAL region games by default. Unless you specifically search US versions of the game, the UK version of Amazon will only list the games that are for your region (otherwise there’d be a lot of angry customers)

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