Will The Christian Religion Eventually Destory Personal Freedoms In America?

Republicans have enough money now to butyand control the US government using the Christians as simpleton pawns in their game. It’ll be like the Roman days, except scientists, atheists and non-believers will be killed for Christian entertainment?

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21 Responses to “Will The Christian Religion Eventually Destory Personal Freedoms In America?”

  1. Jdeats says:

    Possibly, but it won’t just be the Christian’s… It will be all the simpletons who know nothing about politics but their faith in the Republican Confidence man on the radio. Entire communities in the southern united states. Working families who are raised to be proud, work hard, play hard to trust. The problem is the hand down ignorance from generation to generation. They don’t even know they are being manipulated. They are brain washed and driven by fear they learn to hate the left in their youth. It’s all about work hard, love god and good things will come to you. It’s the mythical American dream they still hold to that of course does not exist. The truth is whoever is lucky, cut-throat and finds every loop hole allowable by the law wins in Capitalism, end of story. Do not discount the “luck” part of the equation (something the right will never talk about). They sell the American dream to the pour while they bath in their wealth.
    Behind the curtain, the conservative right loves to take every complex issues and make it black & white. Want to have a conversation about improving regulations on automatic weapons? The right will spin it “The liberals want to take away your guns”. In impoverished communities you have a large population of uneducated people. Teenage pregnancies and rape rum rampant. A morning after pill and easy access to early term abortion are options to population control. It’s an alternative to life coming into this would who will eventually end up a criminal as well. The right says there is no data to back this sort of theory but, but there’s proof. You can find a study in Levitt and Dubner’s Freakonomics. The right of course spins this by circulating information on the horrors of late term abortion and tries to paint a picture of the left supporting late term abortion (something that is horrific and has almost no support on the left).
    With the right-wing Republican party it’s all about controlling people through propaganda. They reduce complex issues to very simple arguments to pull at the heart strings of those who trust them.

  2. out2lunc says:

    Right, Sparky. It’s the Christians who are forcing people who don’t need them to pay for unlimited abortions for women who lack the intelligence to prevent pregnancy, to pay for health care for drunks, junkies, fat people, bed hopping sluts, smokers and illegals, and prohibiting teaching creationism, even as a theory, in government schools, and redefining the English language, right?

  3. Matthew says:

    Economic prosperity would have to be greatly eroded for the xians to take over.
    Even as horrible as the income inequality has become, we still have enough economic prosperity to keep making theism a bad choice.

  4. Summerti says:

    True Christianity does not cause a problem. Its the fanatical views that do. People that have concocted what they believe is right or wrong many without ever reading their Bibles.Or doctored verses.

  5. willie says:

    no. the christian religion never took it away from it’s founding and helped an entire race of mankind get theirs. have you ever read a history book in your life?

  6. imacatho says:

    It was from Christianity that both conceived the concept of human rights and created the “personal freedoms” in America that you are so concerned about.
    With love in Christ.

  7. qwert says:

    The religion of liberalism is a far greater threat to freedom than Christianity. Look at Bloomberg in NY trying to control what everyone in the city can eat or drink.

  8. Gospel Man says:

    Where are you getting you definition of Christian from? In “Roman days” Christians were burned and killed.

  9. commish says:

    I could write this for nearly every question; how does it feel to be propagandized by the media and other liberals?

  10. J Walker says:

    If not by Christians it will eventually be done by Muslims. Europe is going through this phase as we speak.

  11. Corrine says:

    Spoken like someone who has no idea that 51 of the 55 founding fathers cited they were born again Christians.

  12. Josh says:

    Nope. Liberalism will.

  13. Texas Mike says:

    No. We are against increased government control That is where personal freedoms are lost.

  14. Smells like New Screen Names says:

    They seem to be losing ground, no matter how fast they breed.

  15. durango joe says:

    No that is what the liberals are doing.

  16. Biba says:

    Only if we allow it. Remember that when you go to vote.

  17. Bopped says:

    They seem to be trying

  18. Paladin says:


  19. heidegge says:


  20. StephenG says:

    it already is

  21. Union YES! says:

    I too recognize the c0nservative ways being identical to the rise and fall of Rome

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