Will These Components Work And Fit In My Pc?

Here’s the motherboard I’ll get:
Will it fit in my HP xw4600 workstation PC?
Here’s the GPU:
Will this fit in my PC?
And finally here’s the CPU:
Will this fit in my PC?
(I have no need to upgrade the RAM, I have 8GB)
How will this all do as a gaming rig? (Will be running Planetside 2, Crysis 3, etc)
Will this be ok at recording with FRAPS as well?
(I know I’ve asked a lot of questions that will be a pain in the neck to answer)
The specs seem ok, just wondering if all this will run great in my HP xw4600 workstation.
I’ve been using this PC for games for about 7 months, but it’s slow performance is getting to me, so I’m upgrading it. Please answer all of my questions, it will help massively! The computer will be used in high performance gaming, and recording the high performance gaming with FRAPS. Because I know so little about what components will go where, I’m a bit worried about lack of space. A reassuiring answer would be great!

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One Response to “Will These Components Work And Fit In My Pc?”

  1. Eric says:

    It should work alright. If you appreciate my answer please choose it as best

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