Will this amp be suitable for the wharfedale diamond 9.0 speakers?

I want to set up a cheap but high fidelity stereo system. Will this amp be good enough for the wharfedale diamond 9.0?


if not what would be a better choice? I’m planning on not spending more than £40 on the amp. What kinds of decibels should I expect from 2 metres away at full volume with this amp and how high will the quality be? If you haven’t guessed already, I’m pretty new to stereo systems so any help is appreciated.

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5 Responses to “Will this amp be suitable for the wharfedale diamond 9.0 speakers?”

  1. Nightwrath says:

    That amp is just cheap crap. The build quality will be lousy and the sound quality will be appalling.

    The Diamond 9’s are great little speakers. Why would you want to cripple their sound by using cheap junk like that?

    If you not planning on spending more than £40 on an amplifier, then don’t bother at all. The pathetic sound you will get from something so cheap, will make the whole setup un-listenable.

  2. Lance says:

    A lot depends on your listening habits situation and how lively the room is……I would not recommend that amp unless you have a small room sit relativity close to the speakers and don’t need a whole lot of volume…in a larger room or with more people you will need a more powerful amp…also you never want to play anything at full volume this could damage the speakers and/ or the amp…if the volume at 2/3 is not enough you need a better amp…check out Sony or Sherwood receivers….those speakers are not very efficent 89 Db some speakers will be like 91 or 92 Db for one watt at one meter…

  3. David E says:

    It will work. A 1 KHz tone at 1 Watt will make 86 db of noise on your speaker. That says nothing about the rest of the frequencies. I suspect the lower frequencies will be wanting. The amp rated at 40 Watts RMS with 4 Ohm Speakers, 20 Watts with 8 Ohm. For you, since your speakers are 6 Ohms, I suspect you will get 30 Watts RMS. (rating of speaker is 75 Watts)

  4. ANDRE L says:

    That amp is pure junk. You have a nice pair of speakers, so you really should have a better amp.

    Richt now, if you move FAST, you cna get a Pioneer VSX322 AV receiver for 80 Pounds on Richer Sounds. They’re on clearout, and not many are left, so order one NOW.

    40 Pounds will only get you junk. Spend the added 40. Get a GOOD receiver.

  5. Alan says:

    I am going to buck the trend here…. those little Class D amplifiers CAN sound amazing. Power is limited (these amps don’t fall into the rating standards of home HiFi equipment) but the recovery speed from clipping is very quick and the treble is sweet – just what your Diamonds need.

    You can’t expect to fill a large room with loud volume, but at 2 meters distance and just anticipating pleasing sound – that little amp should be worth a try.

    My experience with these little amplifiers has been all positive. One just has to realize that the power ratings are inflated when compared to traditional HiFi gear. However if you can obtain a clean 10-15 watts – you will be good. I have one in front of me as I type this, driving high-end speakers that are quite inefficient. At a 1 meter distance from the speakers, I can not ask for more volume… and the amplifier I own provides a modest 6 watts/channel into a 8 ohm load.

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