will this be ok for a incubator thermostat?

im planning on building a chicken incubator and only hatch 1 or 2 cutch of eggs will this thermostat be ok

can anyone give me any links to good websites?

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2 Responses to “will this be ok for a incubator thermostat?”

  1. sue says:

    It will not be accurate enough.
    Stick with a broody or buy a small hobby incubator with humidity control & preferably egg turners.

  2. Trust me I'm a Doctor ♥ says:

    Does it read temperatures up to 100F (37C) and adjust automatically when this becomes too high or too low? This is the temperature you need for an incubator. Also you need the instrument that measures humidity. Might be easier just to buy a small ready built incubator really.

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