Will This Build Work For Streaming Lol?

Hey guys,
I found this build online and its a bit cheaper than the other one I was looking at. I don’t know too much about computers, just what I’ve researched in the last month. Here it is:
AMD FX-6300
CPU cooler about $30
Decent 970 AM3+ Board
Any 2x4GB DDR3 1600MHz 1.5V or lower
500GB HD
AMD Radeon HD 7870GHz 2GB
500W 80+ Bronze
$50 Case w/ at least 2 fans
Total: $600-640 (Before Rebates) Operating System Not Included
Add an SSD is recommended here but not required by any means.
My hope is to be able to stream League of Legends ranked matches on this in 720p while maintaining 45-60fps. I’m also gonna hook a webcam up, and may have 1-2 other windows open at the same time. Would this be feasible using the build above?
P.S. I was told to OC this computer. Is that hard to do?
P.S.S. Those codes on pcpartpicker for newegg, when I type them in I need a security code. Can i actually get discounts with those codes, or no?

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2 Responses to “Will This Build Work For Streaming Lol?”

  1. Corticar says:

    League of legends is not a very intensive game in my opinion i have multiple Virtual machines running in the background and browser windows open etc and my machine is pretty much on par with yours apart from the RAM. different CPU architecture but still you should be fine to stream and play!
    Good Luck!

  2. Frostfir says:

    If you want to overclock, anything less than 700W, is inadequate.

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